Productivity in the workplace

Hello everybody,

Luis Samways here, uber best-selling crime author (maybe not uber, but at least semi-uber), and I’m here with another blog post! I kept my word guys, this is my second blog post in a week! Not, a month or a year, but a week! Out of all my achievements as an author (uber status being one of them), I am more proud of the fact that I am managing to actually write a blog post! Sounds silly doesn’t it? But you’d understand where I’m coming from if you spent as much time surfing the internet as I do when in reality I’m supposed to be slamming words down on the page so I can keep my deadline, or Amazon takes away my pre-order capability for a year! (Wow, that was a long sentence, good job my editor cant see it or she’d be charging me double!)

Anyway, I suppose we should get to the meat and potatoes of this post. I’m here to talk about productivity and how, if you’re like me, can you knuckle down and get some work done? Also at the end of this post, I’ll give you faithful readers a quick update on which books of mine are out and what’s coming next.

So, five tips on productivity. Bullet point style!

  • Turn the damn internet off whilst you are working on your books, or like me, you’ll end up updating your blog when you should really be hammering down some storytelling bro!
  • Give yourself a target and hit that target. Be it 1000 words, 2000 words or even 5000 words. (I try and hit 3000 words a day. But in the end, what matters is that you’re writing, so any target reached is something to be happy about!
  • When you’re stuck and get writers block, don’t switch on YouTube to watch cat videos, instead read something that will inspire you!
  • Don’t spend half the day checking your KDP account for sales, borrows, or freebies. I do it all the time and it’s silly.
  • At the end of a hard writing session treat yourself with something nice. If that’s watching a movie or playing some PlayStation (I play games to wind down). You need to reward yourself for your hard work. No need in burning the batteries out and having no fun!

So there’s my tips for productivity today. You never know, might make this into a series, go a little deeper. I would stay and chat some more, but I have work to do and just realised that the 500 words I used to write this post could have gone into Wide Awake!

But as promised, here’s a quick update on what’s out from me and what’s coming next.


15 SIGNS OF MURDER – my new boxed set on kindle. Has fifteen of my books in it. It’s quite massive and is available for 99 cents. If you’ve read any of my other boxed sets (including 12 Rounds) then you would have read a few of the books in 15 signs of murder. Bear in mind though, even if you’ve read 12 rounds and haven’t picked up any of my other books, then 15 Signs of murder contains three novels to read with a saving of five bucks compared to buying those novels separately! I’d say that’s a good deal!

Update on progress on Wide Awake:

I’m 30k ish words in and am feeling it. This one is a bit of a slow-burner. Not used to building suspense, but I hope it comes out well and people enjoy it! I should hit the target no problem, but I’m thinking this one might fall shy of 200 pages. I cant force content if it isn’t there. Hopefully people wont notice!

Anything else?

Nah not really. Peace be with you and I’ll catch you soon. Don’t forget to check out my website if you’re accessing this blog on luissamwayscentral!



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New year, new dedicated blog!

Hello everybody,

It’s been a really really long time, but I’m back with a blog post, but you might notice that I’m on a different website completely! Well, you’re not wrong, I’m blogging from my new wordpress blog.

I feel that if I blog from this standalone site rather than my actual website that I may actually use it more regularly. will still be used for my usual web stuff, like listing my books, putting pictures of my pretty face up everywhere and general author stuff, but this blog will be used to have a little fun and hopefully spread the news about my books.

I plan to write regularly (I promise) and will update this blog every few days with tidbits on publishing and writing in general. I know that if you’ve ever read my blog before (on my website) that you know that I dont tend to keep my promises when it comes to writing on my blog, but fear not dear readers, I shall honour my promise and make my new blog THE place to be if you’re interested in what I have to say! (Not that there are many of you out there!!!!)

So here we are, a new blog, a new year and a whole lot of my books coming out. I plan on telling all you wonderful people more about what’s in the pipeline soon, but for now I’m going to leave you with an updated release schedule for the next three months or so!

I’ll be back in a couple of days with a 1000 word (or more) post on self-publishing and some writing tips from yours truly. You never know, I might actually keep my promise and make this new blog of mine shine! We may even get more than three posts a year!

For now I’ll let you get on with your busy lives. I have WIDE AWAKE to continue writing. I’m sure you have stuff to do as well!


Luis Samways (Bestselling Kindle Author)


Wide Awake – March 13th 2015 exclusively on Kindle (and paperback)

The Evil Indie Author – March 22nd 2015 exclusively on Kindle (and paperback)

Strapped To The Chest – April 27th 2015 exclusively on Kindle (and paperback)