New year, new dedicated blog!

Hello everybody,

It’s been a really really long time, but I’m back with a blog post, but you might notice that I’m on a different website completely! Well, you’re not wrong, I’m blogging from my new wordpress blog.

I feel that if I blog from this standalone site rather than my actual website that I may actually use it more regularly. will still be used for my usual web stuff, like listing my books, putting pictures of my pretty face up everywhere and general author stuff, but this blog will be used to have a little fun and hopefully spread the news about my books.

I plan to write regularly (I promise) and will update this blog every few days with tidbits on publishing and writing in general. I know that if you’ve ever read my blog before (on my website) that you know that I dont tend to keep my promises when it comes to writing on my blog, but fear not dear readers, I shall honour my promise and make my new blog THE place to be if you’re interested in what I have to say! (Not that there are many of you out there!!!!)

So here we are, a new blog, a new year and a whole lot of my books coming out. I plan on telling all you wonderful people more about what’s in the pipeline soon, but for now I’m going to leave you with an updated release schedule for the next three months or so!

I’ll be back in a couple of days with a 1000 word (or more) post on self-publishing and some writing tips from yours truly. You never know, I might actually keep my promise and make this new blog of mine shine! We may even get more than three posts a year!

For now I’ll let you get on with your busy lives. I have WIDE AWAKE to continue writing. I’m sure you have stuff to do as well!


Luis Samways (Bestselling Kindle Author)


Wide Awake – March 13th 2015 exclusively on Kindle (and paperback)

The Evil Indie Author – March 22nd 2015 exclusively on Kindle (and paperback)

Strapped To The Chest – April 27th 2015 exclusively on Kindle (and paperback)

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