Hey guys.

It’s been a while. I’m just popping by to tell you some news. After a long time of thinking and self-reflection, I’ve decided to announce that I’m completely switching genres.

I know! Drastic, right? Well, not really. Truth is, throughout the years, I’ve dabbled in the genre I’m switching to and saw great results. I really enjoyed writing that style of book, but I felt a firm loyalty to my thriller readers.

But as some of you know, recently, I’ve seen quite a drop in my sales. I attribute that to complacency on my part. I’d grown very weary and most certainly rested on my laurels. For the past two years, it’s like I’ve been on auto-pilot.

So something had to change.

I thought about even quitting, but after a few days of more thinking, I realised that maybe it’s best I do quit… quit being such a bitch!

I came into this field because quite frankly, I wanted to write stuff I wasn’t seeing being written. But I fell into a trap, a trap a lot of successful indies fall into, I followed the trend.

And the trend is boring. It’s DCI books. It’s American cop books. It’s homicide. It’s INSERT CHILD IN TITLE thriller.

It’s not me.

So I decided to drop every book I had scheduled. I cancelled my pre-orders, banning me for a year… again… and got to thinking… what is it that I do wanna write?

Well, I’m here to announce my permanent foray into Science Fiction. I’m here to announce a new dawn.

I’m here to announce THE DAWN. Available mid-December!

This is gonna be epic!

The Dawn

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