About Luis Samways

Luis Samways, (that’s me by the way), is a best-selling fiction author on Kindle. He (I, because God knows I like talking about myself in third person) writes in the thriller, sci-fi and suspense genres. Having released 20 novels (so far) he plans on releasing another ten this year (and every year at that!)

Wanting to expand his horizons and write outside of his comfort zone, he one day hopes to pen a great romance novel. Until that day arrives, he’ll focus on doing what he does best, and that’s penning uber fast -paced thrillers that make most other books in the genre look tame!

Don’t be a stranger, and keep your nose in a book! (Any book, not just mine! Reading is fun!)


6 thoughts on “About Luis Samways

  1. This is the only place I have found to contact you. I just finished reading the “Demi Reynolds Book 1”. I enjoyed it tremendously. Could you please tell me where to get any further books in the series?

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  2. Is there a certain order to read your books ?
    I’m 3 books into 15 signs of murder. Are there sequels to any of these already out? I’d like to read all the ones that “go together” before I meet new characters.


    • Hello Jules. Thanks for contacting me. A lot of the books in 15 signs are Frank McKenzie novels. They’re already in chronological order. Bear in mind that 15 signs was released two years ago and there has been a few more releases since. The rest of the novels in the collection are standalone, besides from the Demi Reynolds and Das Death series, which will both have new releases this year. Besides from that, you should be fine. I tend to release a lot of standalone novels these days, so there’ll be no danger of you missing out on any arcing story’s or characters. Thanks again for contacting me. Any more questions, feel free to reply to this message

      Happy reading!


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